‘Our Big Day’ – Five Sentence Fiction

The prompt for this week’s ‘Five Sentence Fiction’ is ‘Blush’. I had a few thoughts but eventually settled on this one.

Our Big Day

‘Blushing Brides R Us’ – that was the company we used. It was the name that attracted us, sounded like it might be a bit of a laugh. They turned up on time and by all accounts, the car was a stunning white Mercedes, with beautiful flowers on the back window ledge and pretty pink lace across the bonnet. The neighbours waved my Annie off and told me later she looked so happy, sat in her posh limo with her dear old dad next to her. The police told me the driver was a young lad, this being his first job for ‘Blushing Brides R Us’ and by the time he’d seen the lorry it would have been too late to do anything.



18 thoughts on “‘Our Big Day’ – Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Oh Mike, it wasn’t the ending I was expecting and the ‘matter of fact’ way that the speaker is recounting the details adds to the sadness. I’ve heard that exhausted, pronounced way of speaking when people are in the middle of grief. Very well done.

  2. You truly caught me off guard. very original and very sad. That must have been the ultimate swing of emotions for the groom on that day. A unique take on the prompt. Well done!

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