‘The Runaway’ – 100 Word Story for Visual Dare

Another great prompt from Angela at ‘Visual Dare’. If you haven’t visited her blog then you’re missing out.

Photo courtesy of Donna McNicol

The Runaway

Mr. Hyde,

I feel it is incumbent on me to inform you that I have finally found somewhere to stay. It is a simple abode, sparsely furnished but comfortable enough. It is nothing like the grandness of my London home but more than sufficient to meet my needs. More importantly, it is in a desolate spot, many miles from the nearest town and not easily accessible. I pray to God that this self-imposed isolation will put an end to the nightly terrors we were inflicting on people.

I hope, for all their sakes, you never find me.


Dr. Jekyll



6 thoughts on “‘The Runaway’ – 100 Word Story for Visual Dare

  1. Hollllllllllllly cow. The literature teacher in me love, love, LOVES this. You rock. And written within the narrative parameters of the original narrative. In under 100 words.

    You. Rock.

    That is all. (Other than I hope you’ll continue taking the Visual Dares!)

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