#BlogFlash2012 – Day 6 – ‘No More books To Read’

Another 100 word story for Day 6 of #BlogFlash2012 and the prompt is ‘Reading’

No More Books To Read

In 2021 the printed book virus, known as PBV1, spread quickly across the world. The virus was indiscriminate. Once it took hold, all printed matter would disappear off the page and within 24 hours the pages themselves crumbled to dust. By 2022 there were growing concerns that virus PBV1 had mutated and could transfer from books to humans. Laws outlawing printed matter were introduced and worldwide campaigns to destroy all remaining books began in earnest. Anybody found in possession of a book was branded  a threat to humanity and summarily executed. Mankind’s century’s old, love affair with books was over.




4 thoughts on “#BlogFlash2012 – Day 6 – ‘No More books To Read’

  1. This one really got me because this is an actual fear of mine that someday all books will disappear. With the decline in education of spelling & grammar in a few years no one will know how to actually write another book, not that the younger generation reads anything but tweets anymore. I like what you’ve been doing with the prompts!

    1. Many thanks for your comments.
      One of the problems we have here in the UK is that many of our primary schools are so bogged down with teaching children to pass tests that they don’t have time to show them how to write stories and poetry. This is what happens when we allow politicians to dictate what should be happening in our schools. I fear that this will all catch up with us one day soon.

    1. Thanks for your comments Lillie.
      Like you I worry about the demise of good grammar. I still insist on using proper words, capital letters, full stops, etc. in my texts – much to the amusement of others.

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