#BlogFlash2012 – Day 4 – ‘A Busy Life’

Behind schedule with #BlogFlash2012, it’s been a busy weekend. So here is Day 4 and the prompt was ‘Busy’.

A Busy Life

8.00am – Breakfast meeting. Up late finalising figures.

9.00am – Site meeting. Things behind schedule. Investors unhappy.

11.00am – Report to finish. So many emails.

1.00pm – Lunch with the Chairman. Smiles and bullshit. Too much wine.

3.00pm- Texts from the mistress. Says I’m ignoring her. Threatening to tell the wife.

6.00pm – Stop off at the wine bar. Need a drink.

7.00pm – Arrive home. Kids screaming. Wife nagging.

8.00pm – Forgot – Henderson’s round for a meal. More red wine

1.00am – Can’t sleep. Indigestion. Worried about the job, the kids, the wife, the mistress.

3.00am – Pain in the chest, getting worse. Everything finally slowing down.



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