Three 100 Word Stories For Inspiration Monday

Looking at the prompts for this week’s ‘Inspiration Monday’ I couldn’t make up my mind which one to write about. Instead I’ve taken three of the prompts and written a 100 word story for each of them. Let me know what you think.

Extra Wishes

“I’m telling you three is not enough. Time’s have changed, things are a lot more expensive these days. It’s got to be four at least. You know what happens with three, you nearly always end up making a mess of the first two and then have to waste the third putting things back to how they were. At least having a fourth one gives you a fighting chance of getting something you want.”

The Genie looked down at Aladdin and sighed. The more wishes he gave him the more he seemed to need. What was the boy doing with them?


Fishing For Insults

In two hours all I’d caught was a measly, ‘Get off the road you idiot.’ By lunchtime my best catch was a, ‘Sure I’d love to help you out … now, which way did you come in?’ but it wasn’t a winner. Then, just as the light was fading, I felt a tug on my line. When I finally got it onto the bank an expectant crowd had gathered. I could see the blushes of those nearest me as they looked on. This was an insult to beat all insults. It was going to look good on the clubhouse wall.


What Are You Going To Do With It?

“What are you going to do with it Billy?”

“With what Jimmy? What are you talking about?”

“You know Billy, that gun. The one in your pocket. What’s it for mate?”

“You’re a nosey bugger Jimmy, you weren’t supposed to see that.”

“Are you going to shoot someone Billy? Who is it? Go on, tell me, I won’t say anything.”

“Trust me Jimmy you don’t want to know. Now finish you’re drink and we’ll be off.”

As Jimmy finished his pint Billy sent a quick text to Jimmy’s wife,  ‘I’m on my way. Soon be just the two of us.’



11 thoughts on “Three 100 Word Stories For Inspiration Monday

  1. Many thanks for your kind words Jo-Anne.
    It started life with a different ending and over 150 words. As I trimmed it down to the 100 word max so the ending changed completely.

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