100 Word Story – ‘Hot Air Ballooning’

A 100 word story in response to the Visual Dares prompt.

Picture courtesy of Charlie 2.0

Hot Air Ballooning

“Well RB4327,  what is it?”

“My database has identified it as a hot air balloon, Commander. A harmless flying machine from planet Earth.”

“Interesting. How did it get here?”

“Unable to give a definitive answer Commander. It simply materialized ten minutes ago. It is heading for the city.”

“Any crew on board?”

“Negative Commander. It is unmanned.”

“Can’t have strange, alien craft flying over the city, RB4327, it upsets the people. Destroy it!”


As the balloon disintegrated clouds of deadly helium gas polluted the air. Earth’s invading force watched from the skies knowing the entire populace would soon be dead.



14 thoughts on “100 Word Story – ‘Hot Air Ballooning’

  1. I really like this piece Mike. The landscape in the picture really does look un-earthly and the balloon looks so out of place. You’ve interpreted it really well! Love the 100 words challenge too…hard to pull off but you seem to do it effortlessly.

  2. Wow! Great job at putting such a sinister twist on an otherwise idyllic photo – love it! Crisp, clear, and so much being said between the lines as well as the words themselves.

    Thanks for participating in the Visual Dare! Hope to “read you again” next time. 🙂

  3. Gosh Mike, I thought I had commented previously. I really enjoyed the twist of planet Earth doing the invasion of a strange land to cause such destruction. (not that I enjoy destruction! lol ! You know what I mean. It’s usually earthlings in a story quivering in fear that the boogeyman aliens will kill us as soon as they land their ships.) Anyways…

    Really intriguing Mike!

    1. Many thanks for your comments Jo-Anne.
      I thought it might make a nice difference for Earthlings to be the evil alien invading force.

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