Five Sentence Fiction – ‘Meet Scarlet’

The prompt this week for Five Sentence Fiction is ‘Scarlet’

Meet Scarlet

“Scarlet, put that little boy down and come back here at once!” Scarlet’s guardian did her best to placate the child’s terrified mother, but to no avail. “She meant no harm, she just get’s a little boisterous at times and those bruises round your boy’s neck will soon heal.” The mother clung to her unconscious child and stared, wide-eyed, at the scene in front of her. What were these creatures and what on earth were they doing in her home.



13 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – ‘Meet Scarlet’

  1. Wow! I thought, like lisa it was another child at play, taking it too far as they do but then the state of the little boy through me and then the ‘creatures’! Amazing writing! xx
    PS I like the way you have used speech in your 5 sentences, something I find tricky to do but you have worked it beautifully to great effect. xxx

    1. Thanks for your kind words Lizzie, glad you enjoyed it.
      I enjoy writing dialogue & some of my short stories are dialogue only – this is great fun.

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