Five Sentence Fiction – ‘Welcome Back’

The theme this week at ‘Five Sentence Fiction’ is ‘Composure.’

Welcome Back

Her Grandmother’s words came flooding back to her, “Remember Mary, never let them see you’re afraid, smile, keep calm and always be polite.” That’s exactly what she’d done that fateful night when they arrived out of the blue and dragged her father away. The fact she hadn’t screamed or tried to fight them off had kept her alive. This time they’d come for her mother. Mary kept calm, smiled as they pushed their way in and politely apologised as she turned her gun on them.



12 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – ‘Welcome Back’

  1. Wow – this is powerful, Mike. It went from grandmotherly advice to a very dark suspense-filled place.

    I really like how you have used five proper sentences, not semi-coloned and dashed to the hilt as some of us do when writing 5SF.


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