‘Tomorrow’ – A 100 word Story

A lot of writers joining in with adding their 100 word stories to Friday Fictioneers’. Why not join them.


We stood huddled together in a field, a frightened crowd of men, women and children, watching through a gap in the clouds. The moon was definitely getting smaller.

“It’s happening then,” came a voice behind me, “They’re taking the moon, just like they said they would.”

“He’s right,” said a second person, “Yesterday they stole the sun, today it’s the moon. What will they do next?”

A fiercely bright light lit up the sky cutting short any further conversation. A voice emanated from the dark clouds and seemed to whisper to each of us,

“Make yourselves ready. Tomorrow I’m coming for you.”



33 thoughts on “‘Tomorrow’ – A 100 word Story

  1. Nicely done Mike – at first I thought they were just superstitious or rubes and hadn’t figured out the cycles – but then the ominous voice appears and it became even better.

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