‘Happy Anniversary’ – Another 100 Word Story

A late entry into this week’s 100WCGU. The prompt for this week’s 100 word story is ‘Ruby’

Happy Anniversary

40 wonderful years they’d been together. He’d never missed an anniversary and had no intention of missing this one. He’d planned the day in every detail. He would cook her favourite meal, the bubbly was cooling in the fridge and the card and present were safely tucked away in the cupboard where she’d never find them. Everything, or almost everything, would be perfect. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he pictured her reaction. She would smile that lovely smile of hers, but wonder what on earth was going on. Worst of all, she would have no idea who he was.



21 thoughts on “‘Happy Anniversary’ – Another 100 Word Story

  1. This made me really sad. My interpretation of your story is that she has amnesia/alzheimers/something similar. Whatever the reason, I really felt sorry for your character.

  2. Aw shucks, that’s sad, my interpretation is the same as Sally-Jayne’s. A very difficult time for both partners to be living through.

  3. Mike, this one resonates with me because my mum suffered Alzheimer’s Disease. She spent the last years of her life in a wonderful care home near Wrexham, visited daily for several hours at a stretch by her totally devoted husband, my dad. They celebrated their Diamond Wedding with all the family present just a few weeks before she passed away in 2006.

    Mum lost the power of coherent speech but there could be no mistaking the recognition in her eyes when she smiled at us in her old special way. And whilst unable to comprehend proceedings at the Diamond Wedding, I’ve no doubt she knew we were all there for herself and Dad as a much loved couple, and that the happy atmosphere touched her.

    Love has the power to transcend infirmity, severe dementure, even death. Dad passed away last month and is with his “precious sweetheart” again now, for all eternity.

    Best wishes, Paul

    1. Thanks for your comments Paul.
      It must have been tough living through these hard times, though it sounds as if it was accompanied by a lot of love. As you so rightly say, love has the power to transcend so much.

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