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The Bogeyman In The Wardrobe

A short story for the challenge over at Quill Shiv’s great blog. The prompt was to use the words “I heard it too”

The Bogeyman In The Wardrobe

“Honest Billy, I swear, I heard it again last night. It was so frightening. I thought it was going to get me for sure.”

“I’ve told you before Jimmy, there’s nothing there. It’s just your imagination. The only monsters around here are the ones in your head.”

The ‘Thing’ sat quietly in Jimmy’s wardrobe listening to the two boys talking. It had been almost a week since it had last eaten. It’s empty stomach started making strange noises. It peered through a gap in the doors. Lunch looked so appetising. It let out a soft moan. It remembered its mother’s instructions about not leaving the safety of this cupboard and about all the terrible things that would happen if one of those creatures out there ever saw it. The ‘Thing’s’ tummy rumbled again.

The two boys stopped talking and stared at the wardrobe. Billy grabbed Jimmy’s hand and, as he whispered, “I heard it too,” the doors burst open and the salivating monster bore down on them.



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