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What Was In Room 5?

The prompt this week from 100WCGU is ‘…. but I turned it off ….’

Picture by juicyrai

Room 5

“But I turned it off Doctor. It’s what you told me to do, turn off the machine in Room 5.”

“Idiot! I said Room 25, not Room 5. My God what have you done?”

Doctor Peterson brushed aside the orderly and rushed off down the corridor. He knew a mistake at this stage would cost him more than his job. Opening the door to Room 5 he prayed  he might be in time to retrieve the situation. A glance around the room confirmed his worst fears. The bed was empty, the window smashed. The creature was alive and out there somewhere.



12 thoughts on “What Was In Room 5?

  1. Haha, for whatever reason I found this to be funny and chilling. You did a good job with it. Initially I figured the narrator was an orderly in the hospital, but the ambiguity of the end got me thinking. Well done!

    I just posted a piece of flash-fiction on my blog that goes for the same type of ambiguity you’ve done here. I’d love it if you could check it out and offer any comments:


  2. Nice take on the hospital setting! I agree with davidhickswriting that, while the reveal is frightening, the orderly/doctor dialogue made me smile, for some reason. I imagine some frazzled doc ready to whap the orderly! 😀

    An intriguing twist, and I’m left to wonder just what it was exactly that was in Room 5…!


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