100 Word Story – ‘New Life’

Very late for this week’s prompt from Madison Woods.

New Life

The empty, dried out, spores had been left to decay on the old stone wall, their vital mission accomplished. Twenty four hours earlier they had detected signs of life in this ramshackle hut that had been their home for a month. When the two young boys had lain down, watching the outside world through tiny holes in their secret den, the spores had opened. Their life juices had slid down an almost invisible thread and dropped onto the children. Within seconds they had seeped through the skin on their bare necks. Now, with fresh young hosts, the journey could begin.



18 thoughts on “100 Word Story – ‘New Life’

    1. Many thanks for your comments Joanna.
      Sometimes with these photo prompts your eyes focus in on one thing and you can’t then get it out of your head.

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