100 Word Story – ‘A Sweet Tooth’

An intriguing picture prompt from Madison Woods for Friday Fictioneers to get their teeth into.

A Sweet Tooth

“We’ve bagged them all up Sarge. Looks like the kid had quite an operation going. We found a pile of packages ready to go. Seems he was wrapping the chocolates in brightly coloured wrappers and sending them to customers all over the planet.”

“Where is he now?”

“Interrogation Room 2 Sarge. We’ve put the parents in Room 3. They reckon they knew nothing about all this.”

On the 23rd August 2063 James Anderson, aged 10, was found guilty of possessing and selling banned sweets and sent to a Juvenile, Mind Rehabilitation Centre, for 10 years. His parents were found guilty of neglect and deported.



46 thoughts on “100 Word Story – ‘A Sweet Tooth’

  1. Was I the only one that found this to be a very dark tale? Maybe my imagination took me too far, but a world where candies are outlawed only made me imagine all the other laws that would also be in place. And then the punishment! Ten years and his parents got time too? This is not a world I want to live in! But I loved the way you wrote it, from actually being in the scene to a small police report.

    Mine’s here: http://threedescriptors.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/flash-fiction-12-the-caper

  2. Banning chocolate will have you courting the wrath of women worldwide! It’s a very English view of children, criminals that have yet to be rehabilitated; a unique slant on Original Sin. Perhaps you should have sent him to boarding school.
    I wonder about the sly inference that his parents must be immigrants (in order to be deported). Chocolate does come from Mexico… hmmm, intentional or not?

  3. Oh cruel. To live in a world without chocolate or sweets…might as well be dead. But 10 yrs for a 10 yr. old boy? And deportation for the parents?. A harsh world indeed. I pray I don’t live to see this world. BUT, what a wonderful imagination you have. That is your sweet treat to us. Thank you. Here’s mine…not so original but here it is:

  4. What a dismal, puritan world they must live in. Glad I don’t think I’ll be around to witness 2063, but I sure feel sorry for my grandkids and kids! Wait a minute…I’ll only be 98 then… it’s possible I WILL live to see such a sorry state of life. Oh my.

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      I thought deportation to another planet, probably one without children.
      I like the idea of the ’10 years later’ story.

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