‘A Leap Of Faith’ – 100 Word Story

The prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups was ‘ take a leap of faith’.

A Leap Of Faith

It was only a short step but a very long drop.

“You can do it love,” I whispered, “Give me your hand, you’ll be fine. Just don’t look down”

Heights had always scared her. She still couldn’t believe he’d persuaded her to come up here in the first place. The light was fading fast, she knew she couldn’t stay here much longer. All she had to do was stretch out, take his hand and she would be safely across the gap.

“OK. I’m ready,” she shouted.

As she stepped into the void I pulled my hand away. Free of her at last!



24 thoughts on “‘A Leap Of Faith’ – 100 Word Story

  1. Funny, we are talking trust today…my new post was talking about such a thing as this…and i guess such should be expected this month…but, i will say if she comes back to life she should still learn to trust…

  2. Oh no! I so didn’t see that one coming (neither did she). Now, there’s a story behind this one. Had she been wearing him down for years or was he just a bad’un…
    Gripping stuff (unlike her shoes :P)

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