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Catch The Moon

I first posted this story almost a year ago. According to my blog stats it appears to have been getting a lot of visits, but nobody is leaving a comment. So I’ve revamped it slightly and posted it afresh. Let’s see what happens.

Catch The Moon

“How’s it going son, caught anything yet?”

“One or two dad, but I just keep missing the big one. Did you ever catch it?”

“No son, I never did. Came real close many times but it always had that knack of getting away at the very last-minute. My dad, your grandad, caught it once, He said it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.”

“Can I just have ten more minutes dad and one more go?”

“Sorry son but your mum says it’s supper time and then an early night. Don’t forget we’ve got a long journey home tomorrow. There’s just time to check what you’ve caught. Let’s have a look.”

“Well, there’s the Earth, Neptune and Saturn and a small moon I don’t know the name of.”

“Well done son. A great catch. Especially Earth, that can be a tricky one to net. Now, time to throw them back. When you’ve done that you can give me a hand to get this deck to retract back into the ship. Then we need to set a course back home to Volgan 9.”

“Can we come back here for our holiday next year Dad? I want to have another go at trying to catch the moon.”

(Picture by kanelstrand on Flickr)



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