‘Wednesday’ – 100 Word Story

It’s been a hectic week, so I’m coming to this weeks ‘100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups‘ a little late. I see that a number of people have already posted their stories, so I’m off to read them. The prompt for this week is ‘Wednesday’:


I can’t forgive my parents. I’ve tried, but then every day I’m reminded of what they did to me, how they have blighted my life. What makes parents do these terrible things? Is it that they are blinded by the moment, so wrapped up in themselves and the occasion, that they don’t think straight? My parents aren’t unkind. They are both educated, intelligent people, not easily swayed by currents trends and foolish fashion. What then happened to them 23 years ago? Why, on that momentous occasion of my birth, did they decide to call me Wednesday? What were they thinking?



20 thoughts on “‘Wednesday’ – 100 Word Story

    1. Thanks for your comments Sally-Jayne.
      You do have to feel sorry for some of the celeb kids out there who have been lumbered with strange names.

  1. She clearly survived the worst years and can now get on with enjoying a great exotic name that will look brilliant on a book cover! Her first book that tells the story of the name, her parents, and all the good things that follow. Maybe her parents had a plan after all!

    1. Thanks for your comments Deirdre.
      I love your positive slant on this. A great idea to have her move from despair about her name to having it proudly displayed on the cover of her best selling book.

    1. Thanks for your comments Judee.
      Names can be a burden – mine ‘Michael Jackson’ – always makes people look twice & there is always someone who has to make a joke about moon dancing!

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