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@needhelp – A Story In Tweets

Thought I might try something different. Here is a short story told in a series of ‘tweets’. I’ve tried to be as authentic as possible and kept to the 140 character limit. Let me know what you think.

Need Help @needhelp
Hell of a start to the day. He was in a bad mood. Too much booze last night probably. Need to watch myself this morning.   #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
Things got nasty. My fault. Overcooked his bacon. Threw the plate at me. Then started with his fists. Must clean up mess.   #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
He’s finally calmed down. Said he was sorry. Left me with a black eye. Must remember to cover it up before  go out.  #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
He’s started again. How could I be so stupid. Spilt his coffee. Never known him so angry. He really scared me this time.  #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
Not sure what I’ve done. It’s all a bit of a haze. I honestly didn’t know I had that knife in my hand.  #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
There’s blood everywhere. All over me. Not sure It’ll come out of this blouse. Only got it yesterday. Any suggestions?   #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
Tried moving him so that I could mop the floor. He’s too heavy. Must be all those cooked breakfasts. Too late for a diet. #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
@SusieCleaner Thanks for the tip. A little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth you say and rub gently. I’ll give it a try.  #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
@Mafia4U Thanks for your kind offer to move the body. Not sure I can afford the fees you were quoting. Thanks anyway.  #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
@Concerned You’re probably right, I should call an ambulance. As you say he might still be alive. I do hope not.  #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
@WomensRefuge Thank you for your offer of somewhere to stay. Wont need it. Fairly sure he’s dead. Hasn’t moved in ages.   #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
@Unhappy The knife I used was part of a set, given as a wedding present by mother-in-law. Can get them from Amazon.  #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
@WonderfulHubby I could do without comments like that! Go to hell!   #Helovesmereally

Need Help @needhelp
Police arrived. Nosey neighbor saw me digging hole in garden. Can’t tweet for a while. No Internet in the cells.  #Helovesmereally




Now that I'm retired I have more time to devote to writing my blog and creating short stories.

13 thoughts on “@needhelp – A Story In Tweets

  1. You never cease to amaze Mike! This was a fantastic way to tell a story, and so well done. I might ‘steal’ this idea for a future SPP twist if you don’t mind? I would point people here as the source of inspiration of course.


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