Invasion On Hold – 100 words

One more for ‘Sunday Picture Press’ and that’s it for this week! Another drabble.

Invasion On Hold

“I’m sorry ma’am but we have a slight problem.”

“Problem Captain? What exactly do you mean by ‘problem’?”

“It’s the planet Earth ma’am. It’s not quite as ready as we first thought.”

“You’d better have a good excuse ready Captain. I left strict instructions that I wanted to take over Earth today.”

“Yes ma’am, our invasion force is in place, but when we beamed down our demands for their immediate surrender, the earthling who replied said that his boss was at a conference and could he get back to us tomorrow.”

“Make sure he does Captain, make sure he does.”


 Picture – Dark Wizard by Axel Torvenius (


7 thoughts on “Invasion On Hold – 100 words

  1. I always love your stories Mike because there is always that element of fun, that wonderment like a child looking up at the stars letting his/her imagination run wild. Thanks again for bringing a smile this morning 🙂

      1. I think it is a good trait, rather than become a stuffy old curmudgeon, you still enjoy life to its fullest!

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