What A Great Idea – 100 Word Story – Friday Fictioneer

What a great picture for this week’s Friday Fictioneer 100 word story writing prompt. I kept looking at the picture trying to think of a great nature story involving acorns, but my mind kept taking me back to this instead!

What A Great  Idea

It began as such a small seed of an idea. To be honest, when I think back, I’ve no idea where it came from. It was as if it simply dropped out of the sky. My mind was such a barren place I’m surprised it found any fertile ground in which to grow, but grow it did. I’ve been carefully nurturing it and I’m hopeful that it will soon be fully grown, a mature, well thought out idea. I’d always dreamed of getting rid of my hateful wife, but before this I had no idea how I could do it.



24 thoughts on “What A Great Idea – 100 Word Story – Friday Fictioneer

    1. Joe, read your comment at the end….the last sentence not being organic to the rest, and realized that it made sense to me…random thought slipping in to rational thinking.☺ Sigh.
      Peace, Siggi in Downeast Maine

      1. I think Joe’s right on. I like the sense of internal dialogue that we get throughout the rest of the story, but I think it’s too big of a jump — too big of a “reveal” for it’s location and the previous build-up in the space you have. I think it’s that you’ve described having the idea in such a beautiful and authentic voice but then you just tell us the idea straight out, when it seems like their should be more hesitancy, more subtlety — does that make sense?

        In any case, hope the chiming in here is helpful. Also, I just want to reiterate that I think the rest of the story is fantastic and perfectly calibrated. Good job and good luck!

    1. Good point Robin.
      That word ‘hateful’ doesn’t sit too comfortably – I wonder if it’s because it’s a word we don’t use too often nowadays?

  1. It was going nice… Here was someone with a great idea (an entrepreneur?), planning to try it out soon… I had almost set the tone of my comment too till I stumbled on the last sentence… Oh! So this guy is trying to get rid of his wife! That’s the idea… I didn’t see that coming at all!!
    Good one! Loved it! 🙂

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