‘Good Old Pete’ – A Story For Sunday Picture Press

So glad to see Sunday Picture Press back again. As usual some great photos. I’m kicking off with this one and a 100 word story to go with it.

Good Old Pete

I know, the place is a dump, but don’t blame me, it’s the boss, he keeps collecting things. One moment it’s lost souls and the next it’s old bedsteads, or weird art work that nobody wants. Then it’s always me, good old Pete, who has to tidy the place up. I wouldn’t mind, but while I’m here I’ve had to leave one of the trainees on the main gate, goodness knows who he might let in. Mind you I’ve found this really interesting book, ‘Obsessive Collecting Behaviours & Their Treatment’ it’s called, might try some of these on him above.


Visual Prompt 5 — Title Unknown by Steve McCurry (http://stevemccurry.com/galleries)


2 thoughts on “‘Good Old Pete’ – A Story For Sunday Picture Press

  1. Great story. I love this photo, have some thoughts I’m mulling over, but I don’t think I can come up with something as fun as you! Thanks for joining in, glad everyone is happy to see SPP return, I was afraid it was forgotten.

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