More 25 Word Stories – With Nail Polish Titles

I found a great blog called ‘Nailpolish Stories’ where you can submit your 25 word stories. The title for each story must be a nail polish name (I didn’t realise just how many weird and wonderful names they have!). There are some fantastic stories submitted. I recently sent in four, but they were not accepted, so I’m putting them on here instead. Let’s call it ‘work in progress’.

It’s Not Me, It’s You 

“It’s me again, isn’t it?’ Her eyes begged for agreement. “You think it’s my fault, don’t you?” He sighed, picked up his bags and left.

Show Me The Ring 

If she accepted the ring there could be no going back. She knew it had been his mothers. Was she ready to take her place?

Trophy Wife 

“That one’s the third wife. Bagged her in Borneo in ’85. Beautiful creature, don’t you think? Had her stuffed in ’87 before the looks went.”

I’m Not Really A Waitress 

Being undercover in this dump was a nightmare. The place was full of crooks, who was I supposed to watch? Then my husband walked in.



11 thoughts on “More 25 Word Stories – With Nail Polish Titles

  1. These are great; very surprising they were not accepted! Definitely their loss but our gain since we still get to read and enjoy them 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments Billie Jo.
      You wouldn’t believe some of the nail polish names I’ve found – really strange, but great story titles.

  2. What a fantastic idea for prompts! (Though you would think they’d have names like, oh, I don’t know — blue? scarlet? summer gold? — anything remotely colour-like? Ha! Who knew? 😉

    I’ll definitely check that site out — and better luck next time! 🙂

  3. Thanks for telling us about that cool blog. I’ll check it out-after I look at my nail polish names! What a fun, creative prompt they chose. Love it! I’ll have to share this on my blog sometime.

    As for yours, my favorite is the waitress one also. It’s really, really good. Surprised they didn’t feature it. Congrats on your writing anyway!

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