A Series Of 25 Word Stories

Some interesting prompts from ‘Inspiration Monday’ this week. I thought I would write a very short story (exactly 25 words long) for each one.

Waking Up To Silence

Deafening silence. I strain my ears, praying there might be someone else still alive. The only noise I hear are the voices in my head.

Not In My Job Description

“Make sure it’s done by the end of the day Jones.”
“But, sir, it’s not in my ……..”
“Just do it, and remember, no blood”

Empty Baggage

The trunk arrived two days later. He lifted the lid and froze, it was empty. No arms, no legs, no head, nothing. Where was she?

Forgot My Own Name

The hospital said it was concussion. Might be permanent memory loss. Can’t even remember my own name – which is handy considering who I am.

Bomby Weather

The rain clung to the metallic cases as they dropped out of the heavy clouds and onto the unsuspecting civilians below. Ideal weather for destruction.



15 thoughts on “A Series Of 25 Word Stories

  1. I loved the feel of Waking up to Silence – especially how the event that led to the silence is barely touched upon (I know it was only twenty-five words but still.) I also really enjoyed Bomby Weather, for pretty much the same reason. No backstory, no sense of humanity. Only war. Fantastic. Am now a fan of hint fiction.

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