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Who Will He Hurt Now? – Haibun

A haibun in response to this week’s wordle words from ‘The Sunday Whirl’

Who Will He Hurt Now?

Ten stitches. That’s what it took to stop the bleeding. Please don’t be angry, but that new sweater you bought me, the plum coloured one, is covered in blood. Don’t worry, I’m sure nobody knows the truth. I spun a yarn to our friends about falling over a shovel in the back yard. They weren’t surprised. Said it was to be expected considering how much I’d been drinking. I meant to leave you a letter, but was at a loss as to what to say. I think I still love you but I’m tired, so tired, I can’t take any more. This way is much easier, for both of us. That biting wind doesn’t seem as cold now as I step into the river. I can feel the currents tugging at my body, pulling me under.  My final thoughts, as I drift, face down in the water, are of you.

the murky water
swallows her, body and soul –
who will he hurt now



9 thoughts on “Who Will He Hurt Now? – Haibun

  1. Once again, Mike, you’ve impressed me with a halibun, and no, I still haven’t tried my hand at one. 🙂 Excellent piece. I love the ending, even though it’s sad. This is a good cautionary tale. Happy New Year, Mike!!


  2. Chilling was the word that came to my mind too – and I see that comment has already been left . . . so I’ll echo. I love haibun and liked what you did here very much.


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