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Moving House – A Traumatic Experience

I came across another interesting story starter – ‘When he woke up the house was trembling………..’  This is from an app I’ve got on my iPad called ‘Creative Writing’

Moving House

When he woke up the house was trembling, surely it couldn’t be them already? He climbed out of bed and peeped through the partly drawn curtains. It was them all right, a day earlier than expected, such a nuisance. He opened the window and was greeted by,

“Good morning Mr. Jones. I trust you are well. We’ve started, hope that’s OK. Another hour and we should be finished.”

He sat back on the bed. It was hard to believe, just an hour left then he would be on his way. He felt the house lurch forward and stop abruptly. A voice outside shouted,

“Be careful! We can’t afford to damage anything. On the count of three make sure the foundations are free and start beaming it on board. One, two …..”

He felt the building lurch again and then it seemed to drift upwards, slowly to begin with and then with such speed he was forced to hang on to the edge of the bed. Everything came to a sudden halt with a loud bang and a final shudder.

He got up and looked out the window again. The view had changed completely. Gone were the normal everyday scenes he was used to seeing. The front garden had gone, Mr. Thomas at number 9 was no longer there, his neighbours going about their early morning routines – all gone. In their place was a large warehouse of a building.

“Are you OK Mr. Jones? Sorry about the bumps, we’ve a new lad on transportation and today was his first day, I’m sure he will get better. No real damage done. We’ve lost a couple of slates from your roof but we’ll get them replaced shortly. Otherwise everything went as planned. We should be dropping you off in your new home in about two light years from now. Just settle back and enjoy the journey. I’ll get one of my staff pop by soon and check if you need anything.”

As he dressed he wondered what his new neighbours would be like. He’d been thinking of emigrating for years now, then, when the wife ran off with her personal trainer, he decided to just go for it. The estate agents had been very helpful and had arranged everything.

He was annoyed though about the mix up over the dates, it meant he hadn’t had time to cancel the papers and take his library books back. Maybe he could sort things from the new place. He’d read a lot about Planet Volgan, he just hoped it lived up to his expectations.



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