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We Come In Peace

Day 3 of the Buddha Rocks Project. Each day  a different photo can be chosen, as a prompt  from the vast library by Eric Alder at Buddha Rocks.  Today I’m trying an Etheree (a poem which starts with one syllable on line one, two syllables on line two and so on to line ten. Then I’ve added an inverted Etheree.  The picture for Day 3 is:

We Come In Peace

came in
their hundreds,
moving quickly,
filling the night sky,
watching us watching them,
they were simply explorers
curious, wanting to learn more
we didn’t trust them, so got in first
their burning space craft glow red in the sky
the flames from our burning vessels shine bright,
we do not understand what went wrong,
we were on a voyage of friendship
yet you greeted us with missiles,
we will try again soon,
only the next time
we will be coming
to destroy you,
our revenge
will be



16 thoughts on “We Come In Peace

  1. this is a miracle of a sky, making his capture even more impressive.
    I love the shape of this poem, but its story bums me out. I hope we arent violent if ever they come…


  2. I love the shapes of Etheree/inverted Etheree. I like the photo match with the subject matter as well, nicely done. And to Eve, yeah, sorry to disappoint but I am sure we would shoot first ask questions later. Sorry to bum you out there, call me a cynic 🙂


  3. You are showing just how versatile you are as a writer with this one. The layout is great and the way the perspective switches is great. I too hope we are more open minded but I have watched the way a body of students in a school reacts to a new student that is a little different than they are at first and it makes me think this may be right.


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