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The Latest Model – On Sale Now

Evelyn over at Filling a Hole has persuaded me to join in the Buddha Rocks Project. This involves writing every day for seven days starting today. Each day  a different photo can be chosen, as a prompt,  from the vast library by Eric Alder at Buddha Rocks.  So the picture for Day 1 is:

The Latest Model – On Sale Now

“What do you mean, ‘It’s not ready’, I bought it in over a week ago and you promised me it would be fixed for today.”

“I’m terribly sorry madam, but as you can see from my storeroom I’ve got a real backlog of repairs. I’ve been inundated with urgent repair requests following the accidents at last weeks Witches Convention”

“That’s all very well, but how am I supposed to get around. Having no working broom has left me housebound for days now. I had to cadge a lift from that old hag in the forest to get here today. She did nothing but moan all the way.”

“Most inconvenient I’m sure and I do sympathise madam, but there’s not a lot I can do about it.”

“So when’s it going to be fixed? I’ve got an important midnight covenant to attend at the end of this week. Will it be ready before then?”

“I’m hoping I’ll have it ready for you tomorrow. The trouble is that yours is rather an old model and getting the spare spells for it is a nightmare. We couldn’t get any from our normal suppliers in this world so we’ve had to send out  elsewhere and I’m afraid that takes time. Plus these foreign spells are never as good as our own.”

“Are you trying to tell me that the repairs might not last and I need a new one.”

“With such an out of date model I can only guarantee the spell repairs for two months. You might want to consider one of our newer models or even a second-hand version. We’ve got some very good deals on at the moment.”

“What sort of deal are you talking about? Remember I’m an old lady and my witches pension doesn’t go far.”

“I’ve got the perfect machine for you madam. Only one previous owner, very low mileage and as you can see it’s been well looked after. For you I can do a special deal. I’ll give you discount if you trade in your old broom and it’s yours to fly away for just three special wishes, an invisibility cloak and a magic cat. What do you say?”



12 thoughts on “The Latest Model – On Sale Now

  1. I watched the craftsman making one of these brooms. I love their colorfulness – more like a work of art than a utility item. I liked the playfulness you used to express your inspiration here. I’m glad you joined in Evelyn’s “BuddhaRocks Project” – you’ve got a new Follower! 🙂


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