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‘I Tried’ – Another Haibun

Another week another Sunday Whirl set of wordle words.

I’ve gone back to writing a Haibun – because they are great fun to play with.

Also linked to Jingle Poetry where the prompt was change and hope.

I Tried

The ebbing rays of mellow sunshine filter through the iron grill high above his head. After hours of relentless, subliminal messages, my head is spinning. Had I really been so gullible as to think I could challenge them? To openly defy their authority? He was sat across the room from me,  the very fulcrum around which our corrupt society revolved. That smug smile on his ruddy face told me I was finished. The rustle of the papers in front of him causes me to shudder uncontrollably. He has seen enough. It’s over. A nod of his head and guards rush in to drag me away. The final cleansing of the untidy mess which I had created.

I stood against them,
this corrupt dictatorship –
now I don’t exist



15 thoughts on “‘I Tried’ – Another Haibun

  1. this piece bothers me…it witty and clever in makeup; but the speaker is so insouciant about his/her fate…it’s crazy. But he/she tried.

    it’s a good poem, which troubles me with the naive hope and the horrible change. Which is all cool.


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