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‘Follow The Colours’

One of the prompts from ‘Inspiration Monday’ this week was ‘Follow The Colors’. In my short story I had to change colors to colours!

Follow The Colours

“Follow the colours,” that’s what the woman at the information desk had said to me, “Just follow the colours love, you can’t go wrong,” and she’d pointed down at the floor. Sure enough there they were. Lots of different coloured lines all running parallel to one another like a series of busy railway tracks. As I looked down the long passageway, they all seemed to disappear into the distance.

‘The one you want love is the green one,” she’d said, “Just follow it all the way. When you come to the end then you’ve reached your destination.” So I started to follow the green line down the wide, brightly lit corridor. Every now and again one of the other coloured lines would branch off to the right or to the left. I wondered where they were going and who you might meet at the end. But today was not the day to go exploring, I had my own line to follow.

 After ten minutes most of the lines I’d  started out with had left me, making their slow but sure way to their own destinations. Now there were just two. My green line and the yellow one, following the path of the corridor, side by side, like good friends never to be separated. Then my line took off to the right. I looked at the yellow one as it disappeared into the distance slightly sad to be leaving it.

My green line carried on. A sharp turn left, then right, then left again and then it stopped. I looked up at the door in front of me. The sign said, ‘Welcome to Ward 7’. This was it then, the end of the line. The tears welled up inside me. It had been a good journey but now it was about to end.

I looked at my watch, it was just 30 minutes since I’d got that phone call. It had taken me by surprise, even though I’d been expecting it for days now. The voice on the other end had been quiet and kind but efficient. To her it was all part of a day’s work.

“Hello Mr. Jones it’s Sister here. I’m afraid your fathers a lot worse. It might be a good idea if you can get down here as soon as possible. We’ve moved him to Ward 7. Just ask at the information desk, they’ll tell you how to find us.”



10 thoughts on “‘Follow The Colours’

  1. One of those little slices of life that feel so real. Great piece.

    Ah…colours, honour, practise, almost anything that ends with ‘ise’ (ize). Oh, and “mouldable.” That one’s come up a time or two with a global client I have. Moldable here, Mouldable there. Then there’s “in hospital” instead of “in the hospital” and “at university” or “at uni” instead of “at college.” Not to mention your biscuits (our cookies), your chips (our fries) and your crisps (our chips). I could get good at British English if I really tried. But I still refuse to give up “y’all.” : )


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again for another great set of prompts.

      It’s the richness of our different words that mean the same that make sharing our writing across continents such fun.
      “Words are chameleons, which reflect the color of their environment.”
      – Learned Hand


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