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‘The Thief’ – A Haibun For The Sunday Whirl

Another break from NaNoWriMo and I’m having a look at Wordle 30 from The Sunday Whirl.

Once again I was drawn to writing a haibun.


The Thief

I found the treasure in a neighbour’s field that ran down to the sea. Balanced eloquently on one foot, leaning over the hive, my finger wiped honey from the combs. After cleaning the nectar off with one long sweep of my tongue I swiveled round to start again.

The bees stood motionless in mid-air, silently watching and waiting. It was at the point when honey started dribbling down my chin that I became aware of the danger and ran. They followed me rapidly, intent on punishing the perpetrator of such wickedness. With my last ounce of strength I dived into the coral sea and safety. My pursuers flew overhead waiting for me to surface intent, on delivering their punishment.

they could not forgive
the uninvited guest –
such violation


16 thoughts on “‘The Thief’ – A Haibun For The Sunday Whirl

  1. Oh yikes… talk about between the devil and the deep blue sea.. What a predicament! A very nice read too. I could ‘see’ it all even down the to sticky honey running down his chin. Great writing! 🙂


    1. Thanks Billie Jo.
      It was good to write something else. I’m looking forward to the end of November when I’m going to lock the ‘novel’ away for a couple of months and write lots of different things.


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