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An Etheree For The Sunday Whirl

I’m trying to post something during November though NaNoWriMo is taking up a lot of each day. I’ve used the wordle words from this week’s Sunday Whirl to write an Etheree. With this one I’ve done an Etheree followed by an inverted Etheree and used the 12 words twice, once in each half (Does that make any sense?)

went his
bloody head
as he slid from
the sidewalk into
the gutter, a bottle
caught tight in his twitching hands
eyes flickering, his drunken state
makes him immune to life’s daily toil
his crooked smile carved from the gurgling drink
bottle gurgles down his crooked, carved smile
as he twitches in the gutter caught
in the flickering stares of those
on the sidewalk who vanish
into the stores bright lights
not wanting to help
someone with a
bloody head



14 thoughts on “An Etheree For The Sunday Whirl

  1. After NaNo I may have to try something like this. I like the poem, very well done and I really like the look, if that makes sense.


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