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The Alien’s First Question – A Poem For ‘Inspiration Monday’

I keep looking at this week’s prompts from ‘Inspiration Monday’ and I can’t get this one out of my head – ‘The alien’s first question.’ From goodness knows where came this rather silly poem.

The Alien’s First Question

we’d never seen an alien before
not in this part of town anyway
rumour has it that there are plenty
south of the river, in the posh houses

this one appeared just as mum was
putting our baby brother to bed
popped in through the letterbox it did
and landed on the mat in our hallway

mum was all for throwing it out
but we promised to look after it,
feed it, take it for long walks and
make sure it was properly house trained

he’s been with us for two weeks now
almost like one of the family, but sometimes
we catch him sat on the back doorstep
gazing wistfully up at the twinkling stars

our alien friend spoke to us today
the first time ever, caught us by surprise,
he hoped we wouldn’t be offended but
he had this important question to ask

apparently all his mates are coming soon
about ten million plus, or so he reckons
they’re due tomorrow, sometime after five
and his question simply was ……

“Do you think that gives the human race enough time to pack its bags and leave?”



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