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And You Are? – A Haibun For Bluebell Books Short Story Slam

Just when I thought I’d finished writing for the day up prompts this picture prompt from Bluebell Books – Short Story Slam Week – I couldn’t resist it. So here is a Haibun – short piece of prose finished off with a haiku.

Picture Credit – Sweetestin2862

And You Are?

I’m just going to lay here, keep my eyes closed and pretend to be asleep. I know he’s there, just behind me, staring. He keeps doing it, just looking at me with those big dopey eyes and that stupid grin on his face. Recently he’s started talking to me. Don’t ask me what he’s saying because I’ve no idea, sound like total gibberish to me. I’m not at all sure just who he is or what his role is. The lady on the other hand is great. She smells nice, gives me a cuddle when I’m feeling a bit cranky and, most importantly of all, she’s a great source of food. But him, I just can’t work out why he’s here. With any luck, if I keep really still, he might go away and do whatever it is these big people do.

my beautiful son
without a care in the world –
what are you thinking



29 thoughts on “And You Are? – A Haibun For Bluebell Books Short Story Slam

  1. I like the viewpoint you chose, and the haiku at the end.
    it’s probably a good thing we don’t know what they are thinking – mind you, they soon tell us when they’re teenagers!


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