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Haiku and Senryu For dVerse Poets Pub

gentle summer breeze
leaves in deep conversation –
whispering our names


the words in my heart
look different when written down –
lost in translation


a weary leaf lets go
then another, branches shiver –
autumn is coming


brilliant night sky
a million shining stars –
just one planet earth


left on a park bench
two wooly hats and a scarf –
owner migrated


pen poised ready
waiting for the words to flow –
muse on vacation


Shared with dVerse Poets Form For All – Haiku & Senryu


30 thoughts on “Haiku and Senryu For dVerse Poets Pub

  1. Beautiful string of haiku!! Each outdoes the previous!! My favorite are many but must mention ‘muse on vacation’ and ‘lost in translation’ 😀 Splendid!!


  2. They were all brilliant – all proper haiku to me. I’m so happy you linked and joined the group today. You have a natural flow and ability with the form. I liked them all equally and very, very much. Thank you.


  3. I like the leaves in deep conversation…produced by the gentle summer breeze effect.

    look different when written down…..How True.
    capping w/ ”lost in translation” neat.

    a weary leaf…good description of Fall foilage.

    and the brilliance of the season (due to low humidity)…you must (like me) be living somewhere in the East, cause when I lived in the SW we didn’t have the 4-seasonal effects w/humidity.

    Ha! the last two are cool, too.

    Thanks Mike. I liked your Haikus…they were good reads.


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