A Drabble for Sunday Picture Press – ‘The Rickety Bridge’

The Autumnal pictures in this week’s challenge from Indigo Spider’s ‘Sunday Picture Press’took me back to my childhood and scary fairy tales. So I wrote this drabble (exactly 100 words)
Picture — Autumn Sketches on Water by Lonely Pierot (http://bit.ly/noNL5Y)

The Rickety Bridge

Trip, trap, trip, trap, over the rickety bridge. Constant noise, all day long, people walking over my bridge. It’s alright for them wrapped up in their warm hats and coats with large umbrellas to keep them dry.  They hurry across my bridge without a care in the world. Meanwhile I’m down here, in the cold and damp. If that wasn’t bad enough I just can’t get any sleep due to that constant trip, trap. I’ve tried roaring, “Who’s walking over my bridge?” but my voice gets lost in the noise of the traffic. It’s a hard life being a Troll.



3 thoughts on “A Drabble for Sunday Picture Press – ‘The Rickety Bridge’

  1. I like the voice in this, the curmudgeonly old troll, complaining about the world above his head contrasts nicely with the oblivious walkers depicted in the painting. I feel sorry for him, poor old troll. 🙂

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