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A Short Story For ‘Sunday Picture Press’ – ‘Heavenly Steps’

The picture prompts at Indigo Spider’s ‘Sunday Picture Press’ had an Autumnal feel to them this week. This one got me thinking. (Picture — On Steps of Autumn by inDeevid

Heavenly Steps

I hate this time of year. Bloody leaves everywhere. It’s alright, these folk with their expensive cameras taking their meaningful pictures. Or the poncy poets describing their wonderful colours and beautiful shapes, but it’s muggins here that has to sweep the bloody things up.

Look at them steps. I only cleared them yesterday. He’ll be hollering down any minute now ordering me to get them shifted away before the next batch of visitors arrive. No doubt he’ll be going on again about health and bloody safety and not wanting any of his guests falling and breaking their necks. What about me? They’d be stuck then wouldn’t they. If I fell who’d clear away their leaves then, eh?

It’s no good moaning though, no one takes a blind bit of notice. I’d best just get a move on, the first group is due any time now and if I don’t get these steps up to Heaven cleared old Peter is going to make my life hell.



6 thoughts on “A Short Story For ‘Sunday Picture Press’ – ‘Heavenly Steps’

  1. Love it…they are lovely for us photographers who don’t have to rake them…it’s always nice when the wind blows just right and the neighbor gets to rake them instead. (he finally got smart and took down the hedge so they could blow further !)

    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine


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