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A Poem for Poets United – ‘Red’

This poem for ‘Poets United’ was based on the prompt ‘Red’. Again I’ve been playing with the Ethereee form – this one is an etheree followed by an inverted etheree.

red lips
whisper my
name, I tremble
as she moves closer
her hand gently touches mine
long, soft, delicate fingers
her piercing stare draws me closer
like a moth to a flickering flame
I know I should turn and run, but I can’t
those sweet, seductive lips gently touch me
my whole body shivers with delight
I try to reach out and touch her
something is stopping me
I’m at her mercy,
smiling sweetly
she sucks my
life blood



6 thoughts on “A Poem for Poets United – ‘Red’

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      I’d like to say that I intended that the shape should be like a vampire fang but until you pointed it out I hadn’t noticed.


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