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A Story For ‘Sunday Whirl’ – Ghostly E-mails

In response to the latest Sunday Whirl wordle list I thought I would try something different by writing a story instead of a poem.

This is a short story in the form of a series of email messages!

I’ve tried to use all the words & cheated slightly by putting one in the email subject line.

FROM: Vlad The Impaler <>
TO: Headless Harry <>
SENT: Monday, 1st October, 2011  02:45:12
SUBJECT: Church Graveyard Hauntings

Dear Headless
Hope you are well. How are those headaches? I’m setting up a new adventure and remembered that you were presently between hauntings. I wondered if you might be interested. If so please let me know a.s.a.p. and I will get back to you with more details.

FROM: Headless Harry <>
TO: Vlad The Impaler <>
SENT: Monday, 1st October, 2011  03:45:16
SUBJECT: Church Graveyard Hauntings

Dear Vlad
So nice to hear from you. Your email was intriguing. I would certainly be interested in a new position. Unfortunately the Ghostly Regulations Circle have reduced my scare rating due to a misunderstanding at my last place. I got reported for being far too friendly and not fearful enough. Then those ghastly Haunting Inspectors cobbled together a highly inaccurate  report which led to me not meeting my targets. You know what it’s like. Will this have any bearing on your proposal?
I look forward to hearing from you.

FROM: Vlad The Impaler <>
TO: Headless Harry <>
SENT: Monday, 1st October, 2011  03:57:12
SUBJECT: Church Graveyard Hauntings

Hi Headless
I’m sorry to hear about your run in with the GRC. I personally take no notice of their reports and ratings. The lot of them have become a myriad of faceless bureaucrats. Whatever haunting skills they may have had they lost a long time ago. I know you will do a great job and I’m glad to have you on board.
We’ve been signed up  by a bunch of unscrupulous developers (lovely people) who want us to frighten off some local residents. Apparently they’ve got plans to concrete the whole area and build a car park. The job starts Friday night. You won’t be alone because I’ve persuaded Bloody Mary to join us as well. Should be good fun.
See you on Friday.
All the best.



6 thoughts on “A Story For ‘Sunday Whirl’ – Ghostly E-mails

  1. Thank you for sharing your storytelling skills, and all through the guise of e-mail. Brilliant contribution this week. I agree with Tara about you setting the tone for October. Thanks for that gentle nudge into the ghoulish month.


  2. This is such a delightful story-e-message!! You had me in splits!! You really have a natural and remarkable flair for using words and witty ideas in an inventive way to create fabulous humor


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