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Haiku Heights September Challenge – Final Day

Here we are, the final day of Haiku Heights September Challenge. No prompt today – anything goes. So I thought I would move away from the more traditional 5-7-5 syllable count to a more contemporary haiku approach.

Autumn leaves
one hanging on
for dear life


sudden shower
empties the busy beach –
donkeys shiver


solitary coin
drops into empty hat –
global recession


new leaf
hungry caterpillar’s
first meal of the day



15 thoughts on “Haiku Heights September Challenge – Final Day

  1. All of them are delightful, with the exception of the empty hat, which is rather painful–but that’s the way it was meant to me, right? 🙂

    This poet’s choice here and here


  2. A variety here of images.. from hanging on to dear life, to donkeys shivering to global recession to hungry caterpillars. Great to see you participating in this month’s challenge. It has been a real pleasure to read your haiku.

    See you around ~


  3. Beautiful!! Loved that caterpillar!! We see a lot of moths around here at this time. Global recession made me smile!!

    The challenge may be over but hope to see you at Haiku Heights – the weekly prompt place every Saturday!


  4. Mike: I really enjoyed these, as I have most of your work this month. You sure can write it. I appreciate the many kind comments you left for me over at the eggs as well.

    Warmest haikuregards,


  5. Mike – you have written a fine collection throughout the month … Bravo! \\(^o^)//
    Congrats on completing the month of Haiku!! It has been enjoyable reading ~~ Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy October! 🙂


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