Voice Week – Day 4 – ‘The Chair’

It’s Day 4 of the wonderful Voice Week challenge which also means we get to meet another voice.

There are some tremendous stories developing alongside a wealth of supportive comments and ideas.


Thursday 29th September

The Chair – Voice 4

I stare into that room still not quite believing I’m here. Twenty years I’ve waited for this moment. Twenty years since the bastard strapped in that chair took from me the most precious thing in my life. I look at him, sat there, cool as you like, with that supercilious smirk on his face, just like at the trial, arrogant and self-assured. Two thousand volts charging through his body will soon wipe that grin away. I wish I could be in there with him. I so want the last words he ever hears to be mine telling him how much I hate him. I turn and stare at the clock, at last, it’s almost time. Let’s hope he suffers, just like my poor, lovely Molly did.



17 thoughts on “Voice Week – Day 4 – ‘The Chair’

  1. First of all, anyone who can successfully use the phrase “supercilious smirk” gets my vote! LOL
    So – we have the victims’ husband? father? NICE touch on this…Coming a week after the Troy Davis execution, I hope to God this guy is guilty! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      There seems to be a difference of opinion from the comments – some want him guilty some think he may be innocent. Day 5 and the final vice will reveal all.

  2. Okay, *breathes* I like him less now. Good. But I can’t help but wonder if this guy would feel differently if he knew how scared the murderer was.

    Actually, I’m still hoping he’s innocent. Omigosh – could tomorrow be the real killer??? Eh, probably just wishful thinking. : )

    Whatever it is, I can’t wait.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Stephanie.
      This has been a great week and a real learning journey – I thank you for the experience.
      Just about to post Day 5.

    1. Spot on. I wrote this from the point of view of the angry, father of the victim. Revenge is his prime motivation or would you call it justice?
      Thanks for your comments.

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