Voice Week – Day 1 – ‘The Chair’

Stephanie over at BeKindRewrite, the brains behind the Inspiration Monday prompts is hosting a ‘Voice Week’. The challenge is to come up with a short piece of writing each day this week using the same prompt but written from a different person’s perspective. It should be fun – I’m looking forward to the stories and comments of all those participating.

Monday 26th September

The Chair – Voice 1

The room is bigger than I expected. White walls, bright, stark lighting from the high ceiling. I thought it might have a hospital smell about it, that clinging, antiseptic odour, but there’s nothing. The sound of my racing heart seems to bounce off the walls as the two guards take off the shackles and strap me to the wooden chair. First the legs, then the arms. then finally the leather strap across my chest. Their actions are methodically efficient, they’ve obviously done this before. In front of me is a large window. I know there are people on the other side watching but all I can see is a reflection of myself. I smile, not at them but to myself. A guard stands by a switch on the wall. It’s almost time. I’m ready now, it’s been a long wait.



28 thoughts on “Voice Week – Day 1 – ‘The Chair’

  1. I imagined that type of room to smell like a hospital as well. This character’s voice is great. I get the feeling he has either resigned himself to what is happening or almost has a hint of contempt for his situation or maybe it is a bit of both.

    As always I look forward to reading your next piece. Well done Mike!

  2. This guy is mad. He smiles at himself in the mirror? He’s ready, it’s been a long time? I sense a complete, ballooning lunatic. A cold-blooded killer with no regret.
    I can’t wait to find out more about the others.

  3. Mike, this has great voice and I can see a lot of possibilities for other characters/voices -great choice of prompt and fab story-telling. I’m looking forward to your next voice!

  4. When first reading it, I was freaked out that he was being tortured, then I felt triumphant when he smiled. Then I read Scribbla’s comment and realized the guy is probably a murderer getting the death penalty, and my entire perspective shifted. I started out on his side, now I’m not so sure. That says a lot about my own assumptions, but it says more for your writing talent. : ) Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Interesting that different readers can get a different take on what you as a writer are trying to say.
      This looks like being a great week.

  5. When I went back and read it a second time – that first sentence really popped out. “the room is bigger than I expected” so it seemed to me he has been waiting for this for quite some time. very interesting. Can’t wait to see what else happens.

    1. Thanks for your comments Craig.
      He’s been waiting to visit this room for a long time so must have had an image in his head as to what it would look like. Just goes to show that we don’t always see what we expect to.

  6. Between the title and the first sentence, I knew exactly where I was. Well done! I’m trying to figure out how you managed that with so few words. The Chair. The Room…expected. 5 words, bravo!

  7. The thing I love the most about this piece, besides the detail, is how you’ve captured the narrator’s nervousness, the tension he feels. For me, the smiling was perfect-smiling at himself to ease his nerves, to comfort himself. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t get the feeling that this was a remorseless lunatic who’s just ready to get it over with, but a true person who’s feeling nervous about his imminent death, even though he’s known about it, visualized it in his mind.

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