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Phoenix Haiku

Haiku Heights September Challenge almost over. Today is day 26 and the prompt is ‘Phoenix’

devastating fire
new buds peeking through the soil –
risen from the ashes


phoenix rises yet again
blessed with immortality –
dreams of death and peace


day lily, phoenix like
rising from the barren soil –
searching for the sun



19 thoughts on “Phoenix Haiku

  1. This is a great set, Mike … in a short time, it is amazing what Mother Nature masters … to the immediate eye – complete devastation of wildfires – but when investigating more closely – inspiration and hope arises as the first light green growth peeks out to the world and quietly states … “here I am!”


  2. Wow – your first haiku there is brilliant. Powerful actually. I think it may be my personal favourite you’ve written so far. And is it already the 26th? You’ve excelled at this challenge.


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