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Following Orders

In response to the prompt of ‘Occupy’ in the 100 Word Challenge from Velvet Verbosity I decided to attempt a haibun. “A haibun is a terse, relatively short prose in the haiku style. Haibun usually end with a haiku. The haiku should link to the prose but is not a direct carry on from it.” (I’m not sure I’ve met all these criteria!)

Following Orders

The voice in my head is getting louder, stronger, more menacing. I can hear it laughing  at my futile attempts to dismiss it. This thing, this nightmare, began slowly by occupying a small segment of my mind. At first I just caught glimpses of it, heard tiny whispers. It was like a ghost in the half-lit shadows, flitting in and out of my mind. It’s presence is overwhelming me. I don’t want to do what it demands, but l have no choice. It is the master. I am its servant.

shadowy figure
waiting for his next victim –
following orders



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