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A ‘Sevenling’ for The Sunday Whirl

Recently, a fellow blogger, Ron introduced me to a new poetic form called ‘Sevenlings’. It looked intriguing so I thought I’d have a go using the words from this weeks wordle words from The Sunday Whirl.  A description of this form is –

The first three lines should contain an element of three – three connected or contrasting statements, or a list of three details, names or possibilities. This can take up all of the three lines or be contained anywhere within them. Then, lines four to six should similarly contain an element of three, connected directly or indirectly or not at all. The seventh line should act as a narrative summary or punchline or as an unusual juxtaposition. ” 

He woke with a sudden jolt, that frightening dream again,
yesterday a man of dignity, today cut down to size,
tomorrow left to scrape a meagre living, pockets empty.

What did it all mean? He was a bold, fearless man,
a roaring success, never one to let an opportunity pass,
governed by a simple creed  – be ruthless, greedy, unforgiving.

Who could he turn to for an answer?



30 thoughts on “A ‘Sevenling’ for The Sunday Whirl

  1. After rereading, I had to come back. I was so enraptured with the form during the first reading, I forgot it was from a wordle. After that reread, I find I don’t care what the form is or the source of the words, this is poetry at its finest. And then, there is that summery line. Out-freaking standing!


  2. Interesting form–i like the fact that you don’t supply the answers to your character’s questions, and end with yet another question.


  3. Cool poem and that form is so subtle that I would never have seen it……. I’ll have to give this one a try…. I’m saving this under my poetic forms folder…. Unfortunately, I just discovered another form that my passion is itching to get at, the Cleave from. Brian Miller recognized it on Neha’s poem this week and so I checked it out……. It rules me now and will until I create one worthy of my blessing…… Poetry is incredible fun, isn’t it?


    1. Thanks for dropping by.
      As you so rightly say poetry is great fun. I keep discovering new forms and like the idea of a ‘poetic forms folder’
      Off to check out the Cleave.


  4. glad to find your blog.
    welcome sharing your poetry with us today,
    first time participants can do free linking up to 3 poems, you can write for our challenge if you want to, no obligations, we are open until Thursday night, 8pm…
    hope to see you in.
    keep up the excellence.

    missed you, my friend, welcome back, hugs.


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