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Day 6 of the Haiku Heights September Challenge. Today’s prompt – ‘Kiss’

tied with blue ribbons
bundles of old love letters
kisses still attached


those kisses you blew
followed me across oceans
today one reached me


early morning dew
gently kisses the green grass
diamonds in the sun


one kiss was enough
for my heart to know for sure
you were not for me


Also added dVerse Poets Open Link Night and to The Gooseberry Garden


44 thoughts on “Kiss

  1. Sorry…but that last one was a zinger! Always amazed by the power of a well written haiku, and while all of these are well written…that last one is still my favorite! 😉


  2. The second one reminds me of Fatima’s kiss to Santiago at the end of The Alchemist 🙂 and the first of a deep true love. beautiful trio of haiku.


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