Haiku Heights September Challenge – Day 5 – ‘Flourish’

Day 5 of the September Challenge over at ‘Haiku Heights’ – today’s prompt is ‘Flourish’

fertile ground in which we sow –
our dreams flourish


abandoned garden
plants ignored, fail to flourish –
Mother Nature weeps


Harry waved his wand
with a magical flourish –
Hogwarts disappeared



24 thoughts on “Haiku Heights September Challenge – Day 5 – ‘Flourish’

  1. I, too, struggled with this prompt, so applaud your successful efforts.

    I’ve not read a single line of the Potter series, but have been forced to endure the hype. How I wish I had that magic wand myself. Brilliant.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Ron.
      I have to admit to being a great Harry Potter fan. My youngest son (30 years old) a writer and a poet refuses to read them and fails to understand what I see in them!

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      The fact that I’ve written three is probably a sign that I’ve got too much free time on my hands! Oh the joys of retirement!!

  2. Good ones…loved the last….yes, as Harry bids adieu, Hogwarts is sure to follow…the one about imagination could make a future ” quotes by Mjshorts”.

  3. I liked the way you used ‘flourish’ in the first two Haiku, very cleverly. But the third one I loved the best and looks like it came very spontaneously! 🙂

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