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Haiku Heights September Challenge – Day 4

September 4th so it must be Day 4 of the September Challenge at ‘Haiku Heights’ – write a haiku a day throughout September. No theme today, free choice.

left on a park bench
two pork pies, uneaten sandwich
lunch interrupted


kiss of betrayal
the world changed forever
a man on a cross



26 thoughts on “Haiku Heights September Challenge – Day 4

  1. a double treat here, love both.

    in the first haiku, you leave the reader to form their own story of who and what has happened.
    the second one is so poignant, and yes, “the world changed forever.”.

    excellent write. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed them both.
      Lot’s unfinished in the first one – almost a start for a short story, when I find the time!


  2. Beautiful haikus…the first making my mind jump to half a dozen conclusions…and the second…though I am an agnostic now…I studied in a convent school to know that he died trying to make the world a better place; and yet his basic teachings of love, healing and compassion are being forgotten.


  3. There’s a whole story in that first haiku: What was the interruption? Why was it so important that the food was left behind? Will some homeless person find the food? Will several homeless people sit down and share a feast? Oh, the possibilities!

    Day 4: Subtle Corn Shadows


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