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Haiku Heights September Challenge #2 – ‘Mirror’

Day two of the September Challenge over at ‘Haiku Heights’ – today’s theme/prompt is ‘Mirror’

a fleeting image
before the mirror shattered
demon of bad luck


mirrors always lie
that isn’t me staring back
I wonder who it is


lonely swan glides by
mirror image not in sight
soul mate lost forever



21 thoughts on “Haiku Heights September Challenge #2 – ‘Mirror’

  1. You have put up a nice and diverse compilation on the topic – it’s so interesting to look at different aspects of the same word.
    I love the lyricism (is there such a word?!) of the last one; I enjoy the message of the second one (I have been getting that feeling for several years now… What is it with mirrors these days? ;-)); and I like the supersticious note in the first one. (Happy not to have shattered a mirror, ever.)

    Greetings, M.


    1. Thanks for your comments Leo.
      I/ve got to that age where I try to avoid mirrors – they have such a horrible habit of showing you as you are not what you think you are!


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