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Haiku Heights – September Challenge #1 – ‘Write’

An interesting challenge over at ‘Haiku Heights’ – write a haiku a day for every day in September. Each day a different theme – today, 1st September, the theme is ‘Write’

left on a park bench
blunt pencil, empty notebook
disgruntled writer


many written words
flash across my screen each day
few paint a picture


where have the words gone
empty notebook by my side
muse on vacation


28 thoughts on “Haiku Heights – September Challenge #1 – ‘Write’

  1. Brilliant. Each of these haiku portray such a similar emotion in a different way. The feeling of being unable to write saddens me a lot. But its something us writers have to live with a lot of days, isn’t it? 🙂 have fun @ the challenge.


  2. I know well the feelings evoked here, Mike. I’ve been disgruntled on many occasions, along with a number of other emotions I won’t bother to list. 😉 Great set of verses.


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