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Why Me?

mates said
it would be
a laugh, great fun,
with easy pickings
I didn’t want to go
it wasn’t right, I was scared
as soon as I started that fire
I ran, ending up here, watching the
sky burning, out of control, all my fault.


This is in response to ‘Sunday Picture Press’ over at Indigo Spider’s great blog. It is an Etheree poem – 10 lines, one syllable on the first line, two on the second and so on.


14 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. Love the poem and reminds me of a time, as a teen, when I thought a fire was my fault because of a carelessly tossed cigarette! You handle the ‘restraints’, for lack of a better word, of the various poetry forms so well. I feel constrained by the rules and the words don’t flow — perhaps if I was less lazy and worked at it more. You make it look effortless, does it take you a long time?


    1. Thanks for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it.
      I’ve only been experimenting with poetry for a month or so now and find it great fun.
      I find the tight forms like ethereee easier because you are constricted to a set number of syllables.
      I’ve also been reading a lot about haiku poetry and find it intriguing. It seems to be one of those forms that when an idea comes it can sometimes just seem to be right and yet other times I can play around with the words for hours and they still don’t feel right.
      It’s a bit like writing drabbles and 140 character stories where you have to pick your words carefully because you haven’t got many to play with.


  2. Mike…enjoyed your post and enjoyed the Indigo Spider site…
    I am also new to any poetry with any form.
    Haiku and I seem to hit it off,
    and short tid bits of poems….
    for the number of characters or words…I type then start deleting words.
    I don’t think that is how it is done, tho, by those in the know.
    Just did a “Wordle”…an interesting concept,
    Your blog roll is impressive…
    Keep up the good work.
    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine


  3. I love this idea (Etheree) and you’ve done an excellent job with it, Mike! Scary feeling – brings back memories I thought I’d forgotten. I’m also learning gradually about different forms of poetry. So far I’ve just gone with rhythm and hopefully the rhyme takes care of itself, haha.


  4. Nice form.. and message as well. I feel the same way with the forms of poetry… I have an idea but it takes me hours to fit it just right and choosing the words carefully to fit the syllables count. I find the exercise very fulfilling though.

    I take it you are joining the Sept. challenge over at the Haiku Heights then?


    1. Thanks for your comments Heaven.
      I have to admit to cheating and using a syllable counter from the Internet to sometimes check my syllable count!
      I’m off to check out the September challenge.


  5. Mike, this is as smooth an adaptation of a photograph to an etheree as I’ve ever seen. You are doing a lot to prove to me that the difference between being a writer and a poet is mostly in our minds.


    1. Many thanks for your kind words Mike.
      I think you are right it is in our minds – if someone had said tho me a couple of months ago that I would be writing poetry I wouldn’t have believed them.
      One of the reasons I like haibun is that it seems to combine short story writing and poetry.


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